Bright new colors, styles and features at the Speck Palo Alto store

Speck cases for mobile devices

When we first got The Pea her iPad, I bought her a Speck case to go with it.  The case is made of pink,  military grade plastic, with a fabric cover in a black and white floral print.  Three years later the white parts are almost grey, and the plastic clasp on the cover no longer works -- but the iPad doesn't have a scratch or crack on it!
Speck cases for mobile devices

The Pea loves that Speck case, and despite my repeated offers to buy her a new one, she has refused to give her old one up -- until Speck invited me to check out their Palo Alto retail store, and I found the exact same case in the store!
Speck cases for mobile devices

The Speck Palo Alto store is like a candy store for mobile devices and laptops.  You'll find rows upon rows of bright, cheerful colors and designs for Macbooks, iPods, iPads, and smartphones. The range of options for Android and Windows smartphones is not as broad as the range for Apple devices, but given the wide variety of smartphones, I'm impressed I was actually able to find a case for my first-generation HTC One!  I chose a clear case that protects my phone while still showcasing my beloved Mickey Mouse decal :)

If you're an Apple devotee, the possibilities are almost endless.  Not only do they have solid colors, they also have adorable designs like their floral patterned Candy Shell Inked cases for the iPhone 5s/5. Also new this season is their Candy Shell Amped case, which has grooves on the underside of the case to redirect sound from the iPhone's speakers to your ear, for better sound quality.
Speck cases for mobile devices

Here's another winner I got to take home:  a DuraFolio cover for the iPad mini.  The Pea and her friends love the striking fuschia color and slim fit (hey, it's an iPad mini, the whole point is not to have bulk!).  I love the military grade protection -- you can literally throw your device on the floor and it won't crack (the Speck representatives at the blogger event were doing it but I just can't bring myself to try it!).
Speck cases for mobile devices

Another great product for the iPad mini is Speck's ShowFolio case for the iPad mini.  It has hooks that clip on to your car's front seat headrest, so the kids can watch movies on road trips.  The hooks swivel back into the case, so when you're not in the car, it functions as a normal case that flips to prop up your iPad mini.  How I wish Speck made these for regular-sized iPads!
Speck cases for mobile devices

We're insanely lucky to have the Speck store literally a 10-minute walk from home, but fortunately for everyone else, you can find all of Speck's products online.  With so many cute options, the only thing harder than choosing a case for your device is the material the case is made of!

Disclosure: I was invited by Speck to attend a blogging event and received product samples to review.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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