Enjoy Spring Break in style with the Kia Cadenza

It's Easter weekend, and it's time for Spring Break!  Do you have any road trips planned?  On our spring break last week, we enjoyed lots of little day trips to San Francisco, the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, and the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.  And because we test-drove a Kia Cadenza that week, we enjoyed the drive almost as much as the destination itself!

The Cadenza is Kia's top of the line sedan.  If you're used to thinking of Kia as a maker of value-priced options, it's time to take a second look -- with all the bells and whistles, the Cadenza can easily top $40,000 -- but you get so much luxury and performance for your money.  The car is styled like a beast, with a mean-looking front and beautiful wheels.  My self-proclaimed luxury car expert, Jammy, immediately recognized the Cadenza's luxury status.  "Wow, this is an expensive car!", he said.  It certainly drives like an expensive car.  There's so much power in the Cadenza (3.3L V6 engine with 293 HP), you only have to tap the accelerator and it sprints forward.  All week, the sheer joy of driving this car kept me zooming forward, and I constantly had to check myself and slow down or risk hundreds of dollars in speeding fines!  All that power does come at the price of fuel economy, but at least the Cadenza takes regular, not premium, fuel.
Kia Cadenza

The interior is just as luxurious, with soft leather seating, beautiful wood paneling and trim.  The car is wide enough to seat my 3 kids comfortably for hours without squirming or complaining that they're encroaching into each other's space.  There's lots of legroom for the driver, passenger, and back row.  The kids loved the little hidey-hole in the back seat that opens up into the trunk -- great for accessing snacks on road trips, or for lacrosse sticks and cellos during the afterschool carpool.  Our only disappointment with the interior was the scarcity of USB ports -- everyone has their own devices on road trips, so we need lots of USB ports, especially some in the back, for charging!
Kia Cadenza

The quality of the audio system was amazing, and we had many happy sing-along sessions in the Cadenza to entertain ourselves during our drives!
Kia Cadenza

It was truly a pleasure to drive and ride in the Kia Cadenza.  The Cadenza took away all our discomfort on those long spring break road trips, so we were able to relax, enjoy the ride, and enjoy each other as a family.  And after all, isn't that what Spring Break is all about?

Disclosure: I received a loaner car for review purposes courtesy of STI. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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