The Scrunch Bottle Bib review

Who says aunties can't invent baby products? Jennifer Edison, inventor of the pediatrician-recommended Scrunch Bottle Bib, begs to differ: she came up with the idea when she grew tired of juggling bottles and bibs and towels when feeding her infant niece. Sure, you've put the bib on. Problem is, that pesky formula doesn't drip onto the bib like it's supposed to. Unless you attach that bib to the baby's chin, it dribbles right into the baby's neck and stays there.

Enter the Scrunch Bottle Bib. I received a sample to review, and it's basically a small terrycloth towel that straps onto a bottle and tucks right under baby's lips to catch any drips. Catch my drip? I mean, drift? The 100% cotton absorbent cloth is super-soft -- it feels like a plush stuffie animal -- and won't irritate baby's skin at all. And the strap comes in several adorable gingham colors, and will strap to any size bottle. As a mom, I can relate to the problem of having too many things to hold, so anything that attaches to anything is a welcome convenience. Since my baby factory is closed, I won't be using this product as a mom, but as an auntie (my brother and his wife are expecting their first born this year), just like Jennifer. Let's face it, cleaning a baby's sour-milk neck is icky, even when it's your own baby's neck and your hormones and genes have already predisposed you to adore that neck. So I sure do appreciate having the Scrunch Bottle Bib to minimize my niece's milky mess.

The Scrunch Bottle Bib retails for $7.99; you can purchase it online at And the company is offering 10% off your entire order until August 1, 2009 using the coupon code BOSPR616.

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pierce on July 6, 2009 at 11:43 PM said...

That's pretty cool! The Bottle/Bib combination really simplifies things :)

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