JVC Everio

Our old camcorder is on its last legs; no, actually it has no more legs. The image quality has deteriorated and the battery life has dwindled to about 5 minutes. I wonder if they even sell replacement batteries for this model; it's older than my daughter. We've still got a lot of recitals, soccer games, and class performances ahead of us, so I think it's about time to think about changing camcorders.

One brand that would definitely make the short list is JVC; they have a stellar reputation for high quality hi-tech products, and with their wide range of JVC Everio cameras now available, there's sure to be one that matches our lifestyle and budget. I like the look of the Everio S series; the price, size and ease of use are all great. But then again, I'm also looking enviously at the Everio HD series. Who wouldn't want to shoot your little angel in her spring ballet recital in full HD glory? Isn't she worth that little extra bit? Oh, the decisions, decisions! Whatever model you end up with, you can't go wrong with JVC Everio.

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