Just 5 days left to help KIPP Academy in the Bronx through Schoola's 20Days of School Program

We are lucky to live in Silicon Valley, but living among such wealth also means that our city is classified by California's Department of Education as a Basic Aid district.  Basic Aid districts are perceived to have enough local tax revenue to meet minimum school funding.  This means our city's public schools receive relatively little state funding, and have to rely heavily on the generosity of local donors to support many of the programs and services that our schoolchildren enjoy.

One of the programs that rely on donations is the district's music program. The benefits of a music education are so well known that I don't even have to list them here (just Google "music education benefits").  I can see the benefits in my own children.  The Pea has played the flute for 3 years now, 3Po has played the cello for 1 year, and Jammy has played the recorder for 1 year, all through their school music program.  Both boys also had private piano lessons for 3 years, but we had to stop this year because we no longer have the budget.  We're so lucky that they can still learn music at school.

It's really sad that schools no longer have the funding for music programs (if they ever had it in the first place), and parents have to pitch in to raise money for music instructors, musical instruments, instrument stands, and sheet music. One great way to raise money for your school is to donate used kids' clothing to Schoola, an online consignment store that donates 40% of your purchase to the school of your choice.  Another great way is to shop for clothing at Schoola!  Check out the Schoola website to learn about how it works, and keep reading below for the chance to earn even more money for schools:

Join Schoola's 20 Days of School Program

You can make a difference not just to your school of choice, but also a very special school: KIPP Academy in the Bronx.  KIPP Academy in the Bronx is part of the KIPP (short for "Knowledge is Power Program") network, the largest network of charter schools in the US.  Nationally, more than 90 percent of KIPP Middle school students have gone on to college-preparatory high schools and more than 80 percent of KIPP alumni have gone on to college.  In 2014, KIPP Schools won the prestigious Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools in 2014; the award honors charter systems in urban areas that are improving performance and closing achievement gaps between minority and low-income students and their white or higher-income peers.

Like most of their KIPP counterparts, ninety-five percent of students at KIPP Academy in the Bronx qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch. Music is one of the ways they reach and engage every child who enters their doors.  That's why I'm hoping you'll help me raise the $25,000 they need to keep their music program running.

Here's how you can help KIPP Academy in the Bronx though Schoola's 20 Days of School Program.

*shop on Schoola via this link:


For every transaction made through this unique link, Schoola will donate $1 to the KIPP Academy. Schoola only sells the highest quality, gently-used clothing on their website (any donated clothes that do not meet their standards are donated to Goodwill), and they encourage donations of name brands, so anything you buy on Schoola will be something your child can use again and again.  I recently bought some clothes on Schoola, and discovered that it was the easiest thing ever.  You can search and sort by gender, age, size, brand, and category.  The prices are great (70% off new MSRP!), and 40% of your purchase is donated to the school of your choice!

*request a Schoola donation bag via this link:


For every person who requests a Schoola donation bag via this unique link, Schoola will donate $1 to the KIPP Academy. BUT WAIT, THERE's MORE: when you donate clothes and fill out your school information, $2 of every $5 made will go back to that school you have chosen to support! It's a Win/Win for the KIPP Academy, and for your readers' schools!

The 20 Days of School program runs through August 16 -- that's just 5 days more! -- so please spread the word, request a Schoola donation bag, and shop at Schoola!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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