Ideas for Easter gift baskets featuring Peeps

Peeps candy Easter gift baskets
I received samples to review

Peeps has been a part of our Easter celebrations since the kids were babies.  One of our favorite Easter treats is a scoop of ice cream set in a waffle bowl, covered with edible grass, topped with chocolate eggs and a Peeps chick!
Peeps candy Easter gift baskets

Peeps are too good to keep to ourselves during Easter -- everyone loves Peeps!  They're so adorable and yummy -- not to mention affordable -- so they make the perfect stuffers for any Easter basket.  Peeps sent me a gift card so I could check out the Peeps merchandise online and create my own Easter basket.  There were so many adorable Peeps candy and products, I was inspired to make several baskets!  I combined the stuff I bought online with Peeps candy and a few other Easter-themed trinkets that I bought at my local store for some one-of-a-kind Easter baskets that will make anyone's Easter celebration a lot sweeter.

The first basket I made below is cute, but inexpensive -- under $10.  The tray of chocolate mousse Peeps cost $2.75, and the milk chocolate covered Peep was just $1.00 (I've even found it on sale for 2 for $1.50).  The little chick and plastic Easter egg were just $3, and the basket is one that I've kept over the years, so it didn't cost me anything (you can probably get it for under $5 at a gift store, or check your local dollar store, they have lots of cute Easter baskets!).  Total cost for me was $6.75!
Peeps candy Easter gift baskets

These days, Peeps come in way more than regular vanilla marshmallow flavor.  You can get Peeps marshmallow chicks in yummy flavors like Sweet Lemonade, Orange Cream, Bubble Gum and Party Cake. For this Easter basket, I added regular Peeps, Party Cake Peeps, and Chocolate Mousse Peeps to a plastic Easter bucket.  I put a few pompom chicks into colorful plastic eggs and added them to the bucket, along with a pair of bunny ears.  So easy, so colorful, so delicious, and so much fun!
Peeps candy Easter gift baskets

If you want to go easy on the candy, you can purchase a plush bunny and scented candles in the shape of Easter eggs.  Instead of a box of marshmallow Peeps, give a box of plush Peeps!  I got this set of adorable plush Peeps chicks at the Peeps online store for $7.90.  They also sell a box of plush Peeps bunnies, individual plush Peeps chicks and bunnies (some are larger than small children!), and other Peeps merchandise like Peeps erasers, magnets, tumblers and more. I had to include a chocolate covered Peeps chick because, of course, you can't possibly give an Easter basket without at least one Peep!
Peeps candy Easter gift baskets

If you're a true Peeps fan, the Peeps online store has some great caps, tshirts, and other Peeps apparel that proclaim your love of those sweet little chicks.  My favorites are the shirts and caps with clever Peeps sayings like "Imagine World Peeps", "Chicks Rule", "Certified Chick Magnet", "One Tough Chick", and "Chillin' with My Peeps".   There's something for everyone, from toddlers to kids to teens to adults.

For my final basket, I bought a groovy tie-dyed Peeps Peace sweatshirt that I know the Pea will love.  She already has a Peeps hoodie with "Peace, Love, and Peeps" printed on the front which she wears almost every day, so now she'll be able to alternate her outerwear and I'll get a chance to throw one in the wash while she wears the other one :)
Peeps candy Easter gift baskets

Check out the Peeps online store and find the perfect items for your Easter basket!  What will you surprise your peeps with this Easter?

Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase product samples from The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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