Test-driving CleanWell

Is it a Filipino thing or does everyone carry tiny bottles of disinfecting gel around? Maybe it's psychological, but whenever a sink isn't handy for washing your hands, I find that a paper napkin and a squirt of disinfectant goes a long way towards feeling (or being?) clean.

I recently discovered Clean Well disinfectant when I received their travel-size spray in one of my BlogHer goody bags. I had never seen disinfectants in spray form before, so I tucked it into my purse when we left for England and used it throughout our vacation. I love that such a tiny spray lasts so long -- it gets way more mileage than wipes (It says 250 sprays per container but I swear the kids have been spraying it on their hands three bajillion times each). It's easier to dispense than gels (my kids love dribbling the goopy stuff all over their hands so inevitably half the bottle is wasted). And it has a nice, pleasant, clean-smelling scent that doesn't make my nose wrinkle when I sniff.

Guess what's in my purse right now?

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